Ba‘al Zəbûb

Lord of the Flies


“But they came to Ba‘al Zəbûb and devoted themselves to shame, and they became as detestable as that which they loved.”


Both Xenephon and T’chon once worked together on a rescue mission, freeing a group of humanoids from the larder of a nalfeshnee called Ba‘al Zəbûb, Lord of the Flies, who planned to feast upon his prisoners. Thinking of themselves as refined and cultured, nalfeshnees employ stained and rusted cutlery when they dine. Of the adventurers that infiltrated the demon’s lair, only Xenephon and T’chon survived.

Ba‘al Zəbûb’s cultists are universally regarded as pests, feasting on excrement.

Ba‘al Zəbûb

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