Xenephon Keres

Azer Cleric - Light Domain


Symbol_of_Light.jpgAge: 35
Height: 4’ 10"
Weight: 174
Eyes: Black
Skin: Brass
Hair: Flaming


Where are you from?
The Elemental Plane of FIre

Why are you here?
I was a follower of Zaaman Rul, one of the princes of elemental good. He went to war with his brother, Imix and lost. Because I had sided with Zaaman Rul, a chaotic being, I was banished from the homeland of the lawful Azer. I have spent the rest of my wandering, savoring the freedom that I won, and swearing to never lose it.

Personality Trait
I have a strong code of honor that others don’t comprehend.

I must be careful, for I have no way of telling friend from foe.

My freedom is my most precious possession. I’ll never let anyone take it from me again.

I consider the adherents of other gods (well, any gods) to be deluded innocents at best or ignorant fools at worst.


Xenephon, Chris’s cleric, is tasked with assisting Lavinia because the Athar need money for renovating the Shattered Temple in Sigil. As such, they’re calling in all of their debts, including the Vanderboren’s. Factol Terrance asks Xenephon to go assist Lavinia in whatever she needs to make that happen. Word is that she’s having trouble accessing her family vault in Sylvania. Xenephon is to bring the Vanderboren debt payment back to Sigil by whatever means necessary.

Both the azer and T’chon once worked together on a rescue mission, freeing a group of humanoids from the larder of a nalfeshnee called Ba‘al Zəbûb, Lord of the Flies, who planned to feast upon his prisoners. Thinking of themselves as refined and cultured, nalfeshnees employ stained and rusted cutlery when they dine. Of the adventurers that infiltrated the demon’s lair, only Xenephon and T’chon survived.

Xenephon Keres

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