Valkyrie Battle Master


Bekah’s fighter, Bryta, is a banished valkyrie who saw so many battlefields that she became sick of the sight of ravens feasting on the bodies of the slain. She rebelled and spoke against the slaughter, and then refused to carry home the spirits of the true warriors. Odin couldn’t strike her down, as the valkyries are like his daughters. Instead, he ordered her out of his realm, never to return until she had found Arngrim, the dragon-slaying axe forged by dwarves. Bryta has since repented her rashness and cowardice — she even joined the Harmonium — but the blade eludes her. After years of wandering, Bryta began to lose hope, until she found herself hurtling through the Elemental Plane of Air. She finally landed upon the enormous wind-sculpted city known as the Citadel of Ice and Steel, where the Grand Caliph of all Djinn lives. It was here she met T’chon, who saw divine potential in her and offered to help her get to Sigil since he was heading that way himself. He also informed her that Arngrim’s last known weilder was a storm giantess named Burga. Ever since then, Bryta has been in the aarakocra’s debt.

The Hardheads believe that the secret of the multiverse is to live in peace and harmony — and sometimes war must be a means to that end. The factol in Sigil, Arctos Silveraxe, an old and battlescarred werebear, has received word that Lavinia’s father and mother are now in the deadbook, and that many of Sigil’s factions are sending adventurers to go collect on her parents’ debts. Arctos commands Bryta to assist Lavinia and to keep these other factions in line; a peaceful solution must be made.


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